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What is Baidu SEO (百度 SEO)?

With a market share of over 70%, Baidu is the largest search engine in China, attracting more than 200 million active users every day. If you are ready to start selling in China, you have enough reasons to focus on Baidu SEO. Baidu is the biggest search engine used by the Chinese, what you need to know is how to make Baidu SEO work for you.

Baidu SEO can be way more effective for a long-term marketing strategy in Chinese digital marketing, however, it takes time for the search engine to index your website. As competitiveness is very high in the digital world, it can be challenging to showcase your brand. In this case, you may still be able to outrank competitors with a PPC campaign.

For the most effective Baidu marketing campaign, it is worth combining PPC campaigns and an effective Baidu SEO strategy to get maximum exposure for your target audience.

Baidu SEO V.S. Google SEO: Algorithm Differences

While a large number of us know about Google's ranking variables and have a decent comprehension of the vital on-page SEO measures to get your site ranking on a higher position, there's little out there as far as assets concerning what makes Baidu tick.

Fortunately, the attitude remains generally the equivalent, and practically speaking, Baidu's positioning calculation isn't excessively like Google's. Some key elements need to take into account:

  • Site structure and function
  • Page titles and meta description
  • Chinese Link building strategy
  • Website content
  • Hreflang & canonical tags
  • Domain hosting
  • Baidu Webmaster Tools (Baidu Zhanzhang) setup
Baidu SEO

Baidu Account

Baidu Account setup would help client website get ranking insight.

Baidu SEO

Simplified Chinese Website

Baidu is 100% designed for simplified Chinese users, don't focus on any other languages beside simplified Chinese

Baidu SEO

Hosting in China and get ICP

If you want more stable ranking in Baidu, you need both.

Why does your website need Baidu SEO?

China is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. It is crucial for companies to expand their business to attract potential customers in China. Baidu's market share is roughly 70% and it is the biggest search engine used by the Chinese, what you need to know is how to make Baidu SEO work for you.

In Chinese digital marketing, Baidu SEO can be way more effective for a long-term marketing strategy, but it may be hard for your brand to gain exposure if you are in a niche market that has well-known players. It can be challenging to showcase your brand especially if their authority ranking is high. You may still be able to outrank competitors with a PPC campaign. For the most effective Baidu marketing campaign, it is worth combining the two approaches of using PPC campaigns and an effective SEO strategy to get maximum exposure for your target audience.

We live in the digital era nowadays, having a website is already a crucial element when you start running a business no matter what industry you are in. If your business is not visible in the eye of your target audience, you will never be found and recognized.

By appearing in the top result of SERPs of Baidu Search Engine, more and more audiences will know your brand when they search the relevant keywords. What makes you appear in the best position in the Chinese search engine? Baidu SEO does. If you want to get the best seat on the result page, you have to do Baidu SEO.


Using Baidu SEO to Skyrocket Your Digital Presence in China Market

While a large number of us know about Google's ranking variables and have a decent comprehension of the vital on-page SEO measures to get your site ranking on a higher position, there's little out there as far as assets concerning what makes Baidu tick.

Key elements that determine ranking in Baidu Search Engine - Your Baidu SEO Guide

Host Your Website in China

If you want to be ranked in China Baidu Search Engine, it is better to have a website hosted in China or have a Chinese extension domain name with .cn or

Baidu SEO is mainly for Chinese-only Websites

According to Baidu Search Engine’s algorithm, it is a Chinese-focused search engine that is mainly for China. If you want to enter China market and get ready for Baidu SEO, the first step is to develop a Chinese website for your business, especially for those in the foreign market. English website is not eligible to be ranked in Baidu Search Engine.

Homepage is the Most Essential

Baidu put a strong emphasis on the homepage of a website. Ensure that your homepage design and content are your top priority if you want to be competitive in Baidu SEO with relevant keywords.

Metadata as the language of communication between webpage and Baidu Search Engine

One of the crucial elements that Baidu Search Engine considers is Metadata, which enables webmasters to tell the search engine what the page is about. We have a powerful Baidu SEO tool that could assist us to analyze and enhance your website’s search appearance.

Qualitative and Quantitative On-page Content

Content is King! Baidu now pays more attention to the quality of on-page content more than ever before, meaning that if your website content is in good originality and relevance, your website ranking will benefit.

Chinese Link Building Strategy

Link building strategy is always important in Baidu SEO. As long as your website has more outbound links, Baidu will put your website in its top consideration. Here is the question, what links does Baidu classify as “useful”? Our advice would be links that are useful to your audience.

Optimizing User Experience is Key

User experience of a website also plays a crucial role. Page speed, accessibility, webpage layout and interactions are getting more and more important for Baidu to rate a website. This Chinese Search Engine has put user experience at the very core of every algorithms update.

According to the Baidu algorithm, it emphasizes more on the mobile user experience. If a website has a poor user experience, it will be penalized by Baidu Search Engine. The most effective way to improve and make your website stay on the top of the game is to create high-quality content to meet Baidu Search Engine’s standard.

Submit Your Website to Baidu

Like Google, you have to submit your website to Baidu to let the search engine know the existence of your website. The Baidu spider will never index your website if you don’t submit it to Baidu’s open-source platform. No clue how to do that? We are here to support you.

badiu sem

Baidu SEM vs. SEO

There are a couple of interesting points when you are choosing a PPC or SEO campaign, and one of the criteria to be considered is the period of your campaign. PPC is custom-made to give moment presentations for your brand while SEO visibility builds over time. On the off chance, you need to accelerate your campaign process, PPC would be the best alternative. Likewise, it is a lot simpler to gauge PPC advertisements since the outcome comes quickly. Baidu SEM tends to be easier to implement because the higher the bidding price, the higher the score your ad may get. Website optimization results are generally viewed as the more reliable methodology of the two. SEO results are bound to get clicked on, and people are intended to click the organic searching result.

Difference between Baidu SEO and Baidu SEM

Remember, Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine and only Chinese SEO works for it. Baidu SEO can be much increasingly powerful for a long-term marketing strategy. Yet, it might be difficult for your brand to gain awareness and exposure if you are in a competitive industry. Your brand might be hard to stand out if their domain authority is high. If that is the situation, a PPC campaign is the only option for you to outrank your competitor instantly.

Applying a combination approach of Baidu SEM and SEO is definitely the most effective strategy for your company to maximize brand exposure to your target audience. Here at our agency, we provide you with customized Baidu SEO and SEM services based on your needs to ensure that customers can find your website.

Baidu SEM

B2B advertisers acquainted with Search Engine Marketing on Google Ads will probably think that it is easier to operate Baidu SEM. They share lots of similarities, like the cost per click bidding system, text and display ads, as well as a similar account setting structure.

Nevertheless, there are 8 significant differences between Baidu PPC and Google Ads.

Type of paid ad products: Baidu PPC includes text ads, display ads, information feed ads, Brand Zone, and Baidu Knowledge.

Account Creation: B2B marketers need first to find the authorized reseller, then submit all the legal documents to verify your business and demonstrate site proprietorship, and make an upfront installment. The entire procedure can take one to two months.

Price & Payment: Baidu requirement a minimum daily ad budget, and they charge a yearly verification fee.

Account Access: It is a complicated process to access to Baidu Ad account. For security reasons, a company representative has to be tied with the account by his or her contact number in China.

Locations & Language Settings: Baidu can only target Chinese-speaking regions by default. Basically, marketers can only target China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Budget Settings: Baidu PPC can set the daily budgets at both account and campaign levels.

Delivery Method Settings: Baidu PPC delivers ads in accelerated mode only. If there is insufficient daily ad budget to run a campaign for a full day, the ads will stop showing in the middle of the day. As a result, it is hard to test the best time of delivering the ads.

Targeting Setting: Baidu PPC can target audiences in terms of devices, locations, scheduling, and interest.

baidu ads
baidu ads2

Why Us?

With all the experts in our team, we could provide you with effective solutions that make you a giant in China Digital Market. From start-ups to enterprises, we can tailor different strategies to increase your website traffic, improve Baidu rankings or boost conversions, we will work with you and drive the best Baidu SEO strategy for your business. Contact us and learn more about our Baidu SEO solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Baidu's algorithm keeps updating, but one thing that remains unchanged is that it provides the best result for users to answer their instant questions. Having the best ranking is only the first step for Baidu SEO (百度 SEO). Ultimately, we hope to bring more positive results such as traffic, brand awareness, and even conversions to your business.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with any search engine in China. It is why we are here to help! You can work on Baidu SEO as long as you got a website. If you want to know more details, feel free to contact us and we will give you a free consultation.

You should create a simplified Chinese version for your website so that there will be a higher chance to be ranked in China Search Engine. We provide comprehensive Baidu SEO service packages, including translation services, that could help you create a Chinese website.

Regulations of the Chinese Government is a crucial part that needs to pay attention to when you develop a website for China Market. Any content that is sensitive and contrary to the censorship laws, the website will be penalized.

Our experts are familiar with the rules and regulations in China’s Digital World. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Baidu SEO, feel free to contact us.

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