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WeChat Marketing is Essential for Business

WeChat is the largest communication platform in China, with over 1 billion active users. Not only a daily communication tool, but WeChat is also a comprehensive social media in China, including news, online games, online stores, mini-programs, etc. Most Chinese are using WeChat and users can share a post on their timelines through "Moments", as our Facebook and Instagram feeds. They can also do a money transfer, order a cap and food, buy movies or transport tickets, advertise, etc. WeChat would rather be called a platform instead of a messaging app that allows users to deal with everything in China. WeChat is one of the most powerful tools in the China market, now and future in China. If you want to set up or expand your business in China, creating, signup, and running a WeChat account is essential.

Nobody Digital is a professional WeChat marketing agency in Hong Kong that can help you win in the Chinese market. Whether you are a local company or an international one, we are confident that our WeChat management services can bring you results ahead of your competitors.


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Wechat Marketing

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Wechat Marketing

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Wechat Marketing

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Wechat Marketing

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Official Account Registration

WeChat Official Accounts are the public marketing platforms widely used in China Market. You have to know the types of account before choosing the one that suits you best.

wechat official account

3 Types of WeChat Official Account

1. WeChat Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription Account suitable for We-Media, Blogger, KOL, or some sensitive industry. It allows company verification* / personal identity verification.

2. WeChat Service Account

Suitable for Cooperate / Company / Organization which want to start B2B, B2C promotions. Verified version can connect with WeChat Pay for receive payment from clients, and also support to connect "WeChat Mini Program".

3. WeChat Mini Program

WeChat mini-program, also called WeChat mini app. It is a special version of app installed inside WeChat program indeed of mobile phone. It can be used as game, e-shop, CRM system or more tailor-made functions.

WeChat Marketing Content Management & Content Creation

A WeChat Official Account is an extraordinary path for a company to build brand awareness. Creative and informational content is needed to attract the attention of the audience. Numerous companies utilize WeChat as the advertising apparatus to promote their products and services.

wechat article

What is included in WeChat Marketing Content Management?


  • Topic setting
  • Stock photos database
  • Content creation
  • Layout design

WeChat Advertising

The diversified WeChat features have increased the APP's usage rate. Its huge user base has also attracted more and more businesses to place advertisements on WeChat to maximize brand exposure and reach their potential customers. The continuous development of WeChat advertising (also called WeChat ads) provides great business opportunities to different industries.

WeChat Advertising

WeChat advertising is one of the paid approaches to reaching your target audience with the built-in advertising platform of WeChat. Our WeChat advertising experts will help you create an advertising WeChat account, and manage different WeChat advertising campaigns.

Nobody Digital is a WeChat Marketing Company that has years of WeChat advertising experience that could tailor a comprehensive and result-driven WeChat ads strategy and promotions to meet your business goal.

WeChat Mini-Program

WeChat Mini-programs have secured over 200 businesses. Mini-programs served over 170 million users in 2018, and their transactions have increased by over 600% annually.'

(Source: CAICT WeChat Economic and Social Impact Report, 2017)

WeChat Mini-Program

What is WeChat Mini-Program?

It refers to small applications that can be functioned in WeChat.

With more than 1 million smaller than expected projects available covering 200 classifications and over 200 million day-by-day clients, WeChat mini-programs have become the best approach to do nearly everything in China. From ordering food to buying travel packages, mini-programs cover a variety of services. Its convenience leads to hundreds of millions of active daily users on WeChat, so it is no longer just a communication tool.

According to the research conducted by Tencent in 2019 on 8,000 WeChat users, 72% of interviewees are using the WeChat mini-program, and 34% of them are even frequency users.

Wechat mini program

What are WeChat Mini-Programs used for?

WeChat Mini-programs (WeChat mini app) are the little applications that could be downloaded and run within WeChat. Users can find and download the mini-programs by swiping down on the WeChat interface and choosing from a list of WeChat mini-programs. WeChat mini-programs allows users to access a large number of applications or services without leaving the WeChat user interface.

Today, thousands of mini-programs have been deployed across various industries and covered with multi-functions. They are used to expand the business, share knowledge among users, and facilitate social interaction.

Wechat mini program

Key functions of WeChat Mini-programs

1. WeChat Mini-programs Combined with WeChat Official Accounts to Drive Traffic

WeChat mini-program itself is a tool that has no attribute of dissemination, and the official account could be used to create content. Creating creative content through the official account and showing Mini-programs can increase the exposure of the content and attract a lot of potential users. As a result, the combination of Mini-programs and WeChat Official Account will be more effective.

2. WeChat Group Sharing and Record Preserving

WeChat Groups are the most direct channel for users to reach mini-programs. When one of the users shares the Mini-program in the chat, its titles, introductions and banner images will also appear, which will bring certain benefits, such as increasing brand awareness and conversion rate. In addition, the browsing history of mini-programs will be left in the "Discovery" column.

Advantages of WeChat Mini-Programs

  • An application inside the most popular apps in China
  • Provide advanced features to get better engagement with the audience
  • Appears in all format, such as games, market place, booking system, e-commerce, platform, etc.
  • Promote easily on WeChat

Why We Are Your Best WeChat Marketing Partner?

Experienced WeChat Account Management

As a professional WeChat marketing company, we will dedicate a person to manage your WeChat account. We are familiar with the rules and regulations in China and could provide you with an efficient and effective WeChat Management service.

One-Stop Account Registration

No clue on how to sign up for a WeChat account? Don’t worry. We provide a one-stop WeChat account registration service with transparent fees and procedures. We will also assist you on how to use the WeChat account as well as help you to develop a structured Tencent WeChat Profile.

WeChat Ads 2022
WeChat Ads

Professional WeChat Experts

Our team consists of a group of experts with years of WeChat marketing and advertising experience. We know the China social media market well and could provide your business with the best WeChat marketing strategies.

Tailored Content

Our WeChat Social Media Strategist will provide you with customized strategies and assist you in creating stunning and appealing high-quality content with images, helping you to facilitate on-brand content to achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the best WeChat agencies in Hong Kong that could help you register a WeChat Official Account. To verify your company, you have to provide a company business license, an associated bank account, a mobile phone number, and a personal WeChat account that is connected with a bank account in China for the WeChat Official Account registration.

Once your WeChat Official Account is activated, the name could not be changed, so we recommend you to choose your name carefully before the WeChat account sign up.

Our WeChat agency in Hong Kong has a specialist team of WeChat designers & developers, which can help you to build your mini-program. It offers your target audience a brand new and creative approach to engaging with your brand. Regardless of needing a booking framework or system, online marketplace, or a superior platform to inform and educate your audience about your products or services, we can help to achieve all these by building WeChat mini-programs and launching WeChat promotions.

WeChat business accounts are more powerful than general personal accounts, such as sending bundle group messages, user management, data analysis, and even connecting to third-party applications. It is an essential tool for merchants to develop WeChat e-commerce. WeChat mini-app also brings a lot of convenience to the e-commerce industry, including facilitating faster communication and more efficient collaboration within businesses. WeChat Mini-Programs can also act as a platform and program, allowing users to use them embedded in WeChat to top up, perform transactions (WeChat Pay), read, and play games.

To start e-commerce on WeChat, you can launch a WeChat store and/or WeChat mini-program to sell your products and/or services. WeChat mini-programs have now become a popular way for businesses to boost brand awareness and increase conversions. You can use WeChat pay to perform all the transactions in your WeChat shops, including top-up, collecting money, and refunding.

WeChat Pay provides professional transaction capabilities and security for various enterprises and small and medium businesses. Users can use WeChat Pay to shop, eat, travel, search for medical treatment, settle bill payments, etc. WeChat Pay is connected with WeChat Channels, after the transaction is completed, it will automatically jump to Channels to play video, make live streaming reservations, collect red envelopes from brands, issue brand coupons, etc.

There are 4 main differences between a WeChat Service Account and a WeChat Subscription Account.

  • The key function of the WeChat Subscription Accounts is to send a large amount of information daily, while the WeChat Service Accounts are used to build a payment and transaction platform.
  • The WeChat Service Account is mainly focused on services. 4 group messages can be sent monthly before and after authentication. The WeChat Subscription Account is mainly used to convey information to users. Only 1 message can be sent in groups per day before and after authentication.
  • The WeChat Service Account can apply for a custom menu; the WeChat Subscription Account does not support applying any custom menu.
  • WeChat Service Account can apply for WeChat Pay after passing the authentication, but WeChat Subscription Account cannot.

Both platforms could help to build and enhance brand exposure, however, they are quite different in nature.

Weibo vs WeChat

Weibo is a media tool mainly based on users' interest in speedy communication and public content sharing. Weibo users can follow from a single party, but WeChat needs to be approved by both parties to become friends and to view the information of both parties’ Moments.

WeChat focuses on social relationships (two-way communication), to allow users to have private interactions and content sharing. WeChat users can only subscribe to content they are interested in, so it’s much easier to directly target existing and potential customers on WeChat than on Weibo. WeChat is a social media application that provides top-up and transaction services and private communication platforms.

WeChat shop is a mobile website that links to the menu of the WeChat Official Account. WeChat users can access the WeChat shop and purchase products and/or services via WeChat Pay with “one-click payment”

The WeChat Channels is different from the WeChat Subscription Account and Service account, it is a brand new content recording and creation platform used within the WeChat user interface. The WeChat Channels are mainly used for publishing images and videos. The length of each video is limited to 1 minute, and not more than 9 pictures. Users can also add text and links to the video or images to link with the WeChat Official Account.

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