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WeChat Marketing is essential for business

WeChat is one of the leading social media networks used in China. There is more than 700 millions monthly active user on WeChat. It is more than just a messaging app but a multifunctional app in China. Most of the Chinese are using WeChat and users can share a post on their timelines through "Moments", like our Facebook and Instagram feeds. They can also do a money transfer, order a cap and food, buy movies or transport tickets, advertising, etc. WeChat would rather be called a platform instead of a messaging app that allows users to deal with everything in China. WeChat is now and future in China, if you want to set up or expand your business in China, having a WeChat public account is a must.

Nobody Digital is a professional agency that can help you win in the Chinese market with WeChat Marketing. Whether you are a local company or an international one, we're confident that our WeChat management services can bring you result ahead of your competitors.


What we can do on WeChat Marketing?

Wechat Marketing

WeChat Account Registration

Wechat Marketing

WeChat Account Management

Wechat Marketing

WeChat Advertising

Wechat Marketing

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Official Account Registration

WeChat Official Accounts are the public marketing platforms widely used in China Market. You have to know the types of account before choosing the one that suit you best.

3 Types of WeChat Official Account

  1. WeChat Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription Account suitable for We-Media, Blogger, KOL, or some sensitive industry. It allows company verification* / personal identity verification.

*company verification: a company business license, an associated bank account, a mobile phone number, and a personal WeChat account which connected with a bank account in China is needed.

  1. WeChat Service Account

Suitable for Cooperate / Company / Organization which want to start B2B, B2C promotions. Verified version can connect with WeChat Pay for receive payment from clients, and also support to connect "WeChat Mini Program".

  1. WeChat Mini Program

It is a special version of app installed inside WeChat program indeed of mobile phone. It can be used as game, e-shop, CRM system or more tailor-made functions.

wechat official account

WeChat Marketing Content Management & Content Creation

A WeChat Official Account is an extraordinary path for a company to build brand awareness. Creative and informational content is needed to attract our audiences' attention. Numerous companies are utilizing WeChat as the advertising apparatus to promote their products and services.

What is included in Content Management?

  • Topic setting
  • Stock photos
  • Content creation
  • Layout
wechat article

WeChat Mini-Program

WeChat Mini-programs have secured over 200 businesses. Mini-programs served over 100 billion clients in 2018, and their transactions have increased by over 600% annually.'

(Source: CAICT WeChat Economic and Social Impact Report, 2017)


What is Mini-Program?

It refers to small applications that can be functioned in WeChat.

With more than 1 million smaller than expected projects available covering 200 classifications and over 200 million day by day clients, WeChat mini-programs have become the best approach to do nearly everything in China. From ordering food to buying travel packages, mini-programs cover a variety of services. Its convenience leads to hundreds of millions of active daily users on WeChat, so it is no longer just a communication tool.

Wechat mini program

According to the research conducted by Tencent in 2019 on 8,000 WeChat users, 72% of interviewees had ever used WeChat mini-program, and 34% of them are even frequency users.

What kind of business is suitable to use Mini-program?

Wechat mini program

We have a specialist team of WeChat designers & developers, which can help you to build your mini-program. It offers your target audience a brand new and creative approach to engage with your brand. Regardless of needing a booking framework or system, online market place, or a superior platform to inform and educate your audience about your products or services, we can help to achieve all these by building mini-programs.

Advantages of WeChat Mini-Program

  • An application inside the most popular apps in China
  • Provide advanced features to get better engagement with the audience
  • Appears in all format, such as games, market place, booking system, e-commerce, platform, etc.
  • Promote easily on WeChat


wechat mini program
wechat mini program
wechat mini program
wechat mini program
wechat mini program

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The professionalism and personal service we have received from Nobody Digital is unlike any other digital marketing agency we worked with and they made us feel very comfortable. Incredibly reliable and of great value! Thank you!

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Extraordinary Baidu SEO tools with inventive highlights. On account of Nobody Digital, we've improved the nature of our exploration and systems. The robotized and altered reports spare us a ton of time.

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Digital Strategists are very knowledgeable and well qualified.

We strongly recommend Nobody Digital to anyone who are looking for an experienced and professional company to work with. 

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