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Chinese KOL Marketing

What is KOL?

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) is an individual or association who is an expert in a particular field. Their words or comments can usually bring a positive impact on products or services via chinese social networking site.

They are viewed as having more significance and importance than broad communications since they can associate and identify with their audience.


We have extensive KOL networks in China

No matter what industry you want to target on, what tier of KOL you are looking for, we can satisfy your needs!


Internet nowadays is full of advertainments, Word of Mouth is incredibly significant in the customer decision-making process. China KOL marketing research has been pointed out that all purchasing choices of around 30% consumers had been affected by it.

These influencers are viewed as the expert in their specialized topic, and they are seen to be reliable in light of the fact that they are known to their crowd.

How to pick a right KOL?

how to choose

 Solid member base


Match with your product or service


Suit your brand image


Genuine content

Red (Xiaohongshu) KOL Marketing

What is RED (Xiaohongshu)?

A fabulous app in China which has 85 million monthly active users.

Xiaohongshu is a popular lifestyle sharing platform among new generations in China. It is like a mixture of Facebook and Instagram, which allows users to share their lives’ stories through text, photos, and videos.

What so special about Red (Xiaohongshu)?

It is no longer just a social networking platform but also an e-commerce platform which allows users to get shopping advice from KOLs and purchase the product directly.

Who are the target audience?

Young females which born in the 1990s or later. They are interested in fashion, beauty, cosmetic products.

KOLs on Red

It is a down to earth way to promote your products through KOLs on Red. They are good at selling products by experience sharing, all the articles look natural and not hard selling. Contact us to learn more about it!


Tiktok (Douyin) KOL Marketing

What is Douyin (Tiktok)?

Douyin is the most popular and fast-growing short video sharing platform in China. Tiktok is the oversea version of Douyin.

Douyin (Tiktok) is an app for making and sharing short videos with filters, music, and special effects. It is also known as a viral video sharing app. There is a restriction on the upper limit of the video created, which is capped in 15 seconds. As the concept of the apps is unique and videos produced are high qualities, it leads the apps to grow speedy popular around the world. TikTok marketing strategy offers a wide range of innovative approaches to build brand awareness and KOL marketing by tiktok influencer.

Target Audience

In mid of 2018, there are 500 million monthly active users globally, aged between 15 to 24 years old.

How Douyin (Tiktok) KOL benefit your business?

• Only 15s video will be more precise and product-oriented
• Raise brand awareness quickly among Chines Generation Z mobile users

'Dou+' and Live Stream is the fastest method to sell products

'Dou+' is the brand / content boosting system of Douyin, it help enterprise build the online awareness in short time, and Live stream of Douyin also help enterprise get immediate sale revenue through e-commerce platform.


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