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Baidu X Amazon Global Store Collaboration: A Brand New Smart Mini Program is Launched for Cross-border eCommerce

According to Lin, Baidu’s Smart Mini Program Business Director, said that the cooperation between Baidu’s Smart Mini Program and Amazon’s Global Stores is a perfect complement and synergy of business environments and functions. The launch of the Smart Mini Programs will provide Baidu users with a more diverse and international shopping experience. On the other hand, it also can be a powerful element to enhance Baidu’s mobile e-commerce ability.

E-Commerce Platforms are evolving to Welcome Double Eleven (11.11, 11 Nov, Double 11 Shopping Festival, or Singles’ Day in China)

The mobile version of Taobao is about to undergo a new version. In the new version, it is said that a feature called Minidetails (微詳情) will be added, so that the information position you like on the Taobao homepage will gradually replace the previous mobile Taobao, or you may say this is the function of Taobao page. It is said that the update of the homepage in the mobile version of Taobao will focus on the following aspects.

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