E-Commerce Platforms are evolving to Welcome Double Eleven (11.11, 11 Nov, Double 11 Shopping Festival, or Singles’ Day in China)

Shopping online is no longer a trend but has already become part of our daily life. The pandemic has had a great impact on the economy all over the world, however, it did speed up the evolution of e-Commerce, especially in China.

Mobile Taobao is going to have a Massive Update. What changes will be brought by the addition of "Minidetails" to the information flow?

The mobile version of Taobao is about to undergo a new version. In the new version, it is said that a feature called Minidetails (微詳情) will be added, so that the information position you like on the Taobao homepage will gradually replace the previous mobile Taobao, or you may say this is the function of Taobao page. It is said that the update of the homepage in the mobile version of Taobao will focus on the following aspects.

short video e-commerce
(Image source: Tencent)

Major updates in Mobile Taobao

  1. Keep the search pictures and videos, and then remove the details page.
  2. the traffic distribution mechanism will be adjusted to the 3 main parts: Content, Video and Personalization.
  3. The top display section position will be changed.
  4. The section of "Guess you like" will also be updated and expanded to be all be displayed by video.
  5. Exclude the traffic flow from the middle of the Taobao App
  6. The 5th item is KA-level customers, more than 99 videos need to be completed in September.

The first one is to keep the search pictures and videos, and then remove the details page. The details page was too long, so everyone hopes to keep it as simple as possible. The second is that the traffic distribution mechanism will be adjusted to the three main parts of the content and video personalisation.

Traffic Distribution Mechanism

Content-oriented more details to introduce this content, but it is not like the previous details page which mainly focuses on selling products. Instead, it will be more of some analysis of the product or even some reviews.

Video-oriented is also more in line with new ones, such as Taobao live broadcast or a page of product reviews, while the Personalization is the same as the previous "Guess what you like". The more frequent you browse certain types of products, the more the algorithm will show the similar type of products to you. The section of "Guess you like" will also be updated and expanded to be all be displayed by video. If this is the case, lacking video in your product list, the probability of exposure in Taobao will be lower.

The section of "Guess what you like" will also be updated and expanded to be all be displayed by video.

This update will be the major testing in October to get prepared for Double Eleven (11.11, 11 Nov, Double 11 Shopping Festival, or Singles' Day in China), after all, in the "Guess what you like" section, it belongs to both public and private domain traffic. Domain traffic is a page that Taobao users may see when they log in with their mobile devices, and because of this algorithm, there are some private boast that manage traffic in private domains. In fact, it also uses your personal information to conduct a private domain traffic boost. In this case, the Minidetails may show recommendations on particular products based on the users’ browsing behaviour and interests in real-time basis. The exposure rate and conversion rate of some businesses may be increased because short video could be one of the strategies for Tmall this year, we will later talk about the other live-streaming platform, which is also a short video platform called Kuaishou (China version) / Kwai (International version).

WeChat is joining the game with Short Video

Knowing that short videos are very essential in reaching audiences and capturing attention nowadays, WeChat is going to launch short videos within the APP soon. In order to get well prepared to enter the fierce competition, WeChat has put a lot of resources on video production, in other words, in addition to live-streaming, short video advertising may also bring a relatively high volume of traffic. Let’s see how things go in the “Golden Week” or “Singles' Day”.

Kuaishou e-Commerce is rising, launching “Kuaishou Product Alliance” to provide a better supply chain

If you have noticed, Kuaishou (快手) has become the 4th largest e-commerce platform besides Tmall, JD and Pinduoduo. This is very interesting. We think that the daily user’s activity of Douyin is very high, however, if you compare Douyin and Kuaishou, Kuaishou was actually started launching e-commerce earlier than Douyin. If you have read our blog previously, you may know that their main objective is to promote the closed-loop Douyin and to launch Douyin stores; their second objective is to carry out a cooperation with KOLs but using a more comprehensive strategy. Kuaishou e-commerce is said to be the one who create a business environment called “Kuaishou Product Alliance”. The “Kuaishou Product Alliance” will include several more parts. The first is “little e-commerce” which allow businesses to increase traffic from public platforms and the number of followers. It also can increase the rate of accessing the products to improve the conversation rate.

short video e-commerce
(Image source: Kuaishou)

Kuaishou e-commerce recently held this “e-Commerce Open Day” in Beijing. In this Open Day, Kuaishou has talked about “Kuaishou Product Alliance”, which is actually a branded commodity supply chain launched by Kuaishou e-Commerce. The alliance could bring better supply and more convenience for KOLs to promote different products to the public through live-streaming advertising.

At present, the daily activity of Kuaishou e-commerce is probably more than 1 million active merchants. The goal is to see what effects will “Kuaishou Product Alliance”, a distribution channel, bring to the e-commerce environment. It may also be more closely tied to the cooperation with third-party platforms such as JD.com and Pinduoduo. It is expected that the content brought over by the product does not necessarily need to be carried out within Kuaishou but can be done in livestreaming advertising.

short video e-commerce
(Image source: Kuaishou)

Kuaishou is slightly different from the content of Douyin in terms of algorithm. Douyin’s algorithm is based on the content quality. In this case, there is no correlation between the number of latest views or total views and the number of your followers. It would be quite stressful for the KOL to keep creating new and unique content to boost their popularity.

In the case of Kuaishou, the live streamer has always occupied a relatively large user connection. The livestreaming advertising in Kuaishou may somehow have better performance than in Douyin.

Competition between Meituan and Alipay

Recently, Meituan and Alipay have recently conducted a new round of competition. Most of you may notice that Meituan has officially renamed itself from "Meituan-Dianping" to "Meituan". "Meituan" removed the Alipay system in July and using its credit payment service, it is obvious that Meituan is expanding the scope and has become one of the direct competitors of Alipay.

short video e-commerce
(Image source: AASTOCKS.com)

Meituan continues to add some financial modules to the APP, and Alipay continues to add some local life modules, so if you have downloaded the latest version of Meituan APP and Alipay APP, You will see that the layout and UI between the two is very similar. For example, for the first one is food delivery, everyone knows that Meituan food delivery is very popular. And in Alipay, there is a food delivery button called "Are you hungry" (餓了麼), which is also one of the popular functions within the APP.

If you want to search for the public reviews, Alibaba got "Koubei" (口碑). In terms of Hotel and Travel, Meituan got Meituan Hotel while Alibaba has "Fliggy"(飞猪); In entertainment perspective, if you want movie and performances, Maoyan Entertainment (猫眼电影) is at your service, while"Taopiaopiao" (淘票票) of Alibaba is the online movie ticket distributor and provide movie promotions. For transportation, Meituan has Meituan taxis. This is also a very large subsidy recently. Of course, the most famous under Ali's are DIDI (滴滴出行) and Gaode (高德出行).

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